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Fight Galleries » PFC 13 - Validation - Weigh-ins - Pictures

PFC 13 - Validation - Weigh-ins - Pictures

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Doug Marshall (186 lbs) vs Jaime Jara (183.4 lbs)

Olaf Alfonso (168 lbs) vs Kyle Pimentel (167.4 lbs)

Casey Olson (144.8 lbs) vs Eddie Yagin (145.2 lbs)

Dominique Robinson (155 lbs) vs Carlo Prater (154.4 lbs)

Phil Collins (183 lbs) vs Leopoldo Serao (183 lbs)

Cole Escovedo (135 lbs) vs Michael McDonald (134.4 lbs)

Pat Runez (124.4 lbs) vs Anthony Perales (124.8 lbs)

Bryan Travers (154.2 lbs) vs John Gunderson (155.8 lbs)

Erin Toughill (148 lbs) vs Emily Thompson (143 lbs)
**Toughill did not make the required weight for the bout and had 2 hours to lose the additional weight. At the time of this post we did not have further details if the weight was made or if the fight got canceled or if Toughill was fined.**

Darren Crisp (156 lbs) vs Gabe Ruediger (155.2 lbs)

Scott Mcafee (155.2 lbs) vs Bill Theofanopolous (155.6 lbs)
**At time of weigh in Bill had to lose an additional .4 lbs b/c his initial weight was 156.4 lbs. An hour after the initial weigh-in, Bill returned to weigh in at 155.6 lbs.**

Marcelo Guidici (151.8 lbs) vs John Michael Reedy (156 lbs)

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